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Right of Place Mission Statement

Supporting Survivors of Institutional Child Abuse and their families on their journey to Truth, Justice and Healing.
Right of Place Second Chance is a vision and values driven organisation. We support survivors and their families to access their entitlements and rights and empower those we work with to attain their goals through a culture of trust and respect. We provide practical help and offer a forum for communication, information, validation, peer support and encouragement to all survivors who suffered as children in state run institutions.

Right of Place Second Chance is Ireland's leading Survivor support organisation and provides numerous Programmes of support to over 1,500 Indivudal Survivor and Family members across Ireland each year.


Our vision for the future care of survivors in this country is:

·         The needs of survivors of state run institutions and their families will be recognised and acknowledged by state. This will be based on a genuine understanding of survivor needs and experiences. This understanding will come from meaningful engagement with survivors, their families and the organisations that serve them.

·       There will be a number of evidence-based programmes and policies, which aim to end social isolation, poverty and homelessness for survivors. 

·         There will be properly funded supports for survivors and their families, which respond to their social and personal needs. 

·         Services will be provided in a way that ensures there are few barriers to accessing supports and in a way that reflects the needs and wishes of survivors. This will include some services which are for survivors only, providing a targeted safe space for those that want this.

·         To reflect the importance of the work, professional survivor support organisations will be funded at a level that supports the provision of high quality, professional services.

·         Within the national dialogue, Right of Place Second Chance will be an authoritative voice informing public policy and strategy. This authority will be based on a close connection to survivors’ experiences. We will, wherever possible reflect the real position and needs of those still struggling in their everyday lives as a result of their childhood trauma.


Ultimately Right of Place believes in creating a better more equal future for Survivors that recognises the disadvantaged suffered because of a childhood lost. We equate this equality to better access for basic entitlements and advocate on behalf of those who contact us for better basic care.

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‘I love coming into Right of Place offices as often as I can. I am always treated with respect and feel I can sit down with people I know and who know me. I actually feel worth something. I feel happy to tell people who I am and what I am part of. I no longer ever need to feel ashamed.’

(Survivor Quote)


‘Sometimes I feel like everything we have gone through will soon be forgotten. We will soon be ignored and I don’t want that to happen’.

(Survivor Quote)