Our Values

Our Values

Underpinning our work with Survivors of Institutional Abuse & their familes are ten values that

we hold close. These values were developed in consultation with Staff, Stakeholders and our Service


  • We are trustworthy and honest in the way we work

This means that we do what we say we will do. We ensure the confidentiality of all service users; we manage

their personal information in line with data protection and child protection legislation. 


  • We are compassionate and empathethic in our approach

We understand survivor’s anger and help them get through this. We are patient and understanding. We are

committed and really care about what we do.


  • We support and empower service users to access mainstream services and wherever possible to support

mainstream services to meet the needs of Survivors

  • We are inclusive

We are open to working with all survivors of institutional abuse and their families (our clients). We aim to work

collaboratively with other agencies and service providers and seek to work in line with their values, and our own.

  • We work within our boundaries

We support our clients to understand our boundaries (professional limits and expectations) and to develop

their own. We only provide information that we know to be true and accurate. We are aware of our own levels

of competency and work within these. We are realistic about our expectations and manage those of our clients.

  • We are responsible for the service we provide for clients

This means that we work to find the solution with our clients and will work as far as we practically can to make

sure the client’s needs are met.

  • We are warm and friendly and offering a welcoming environment

We care and want to help. We are genuine. 

  • We are professional

We understand our work and roles; we work within clearly laid out policies and procedures that reflect good

practice. We stand over our work.

  • We are accountable and transparent in our work

By means of good communication with all stakeholders, we provide proof of our work and our achievements.

We assist our funders and stakeholders to understand our work and the need for this. We provide clear information

to all our clients on our services, our way of working and support clients to make complaints should they feel the need.


  • We are respectful to all those work with

We show loyalty to our clients in their time of need. We are tolerant and acknowledge people’s beliefs.

We help people to respect themselves and each other.