Working/Volunteering with ROP/SC

Working/Volunteering with ROP/SC


Key to the delivery of our organisational vision is our people.


Our people are our ambassadors and it is their competence, commitment and skills that are fundamental to the successful

achievement of our goals and most importantly, to creating a positive future for Survivors of Institutional Abuse and their families.

Since Right of Place beginnings in 1999 and our change of vision in January 2010 we had to grow and learn fast.  In particular,

the last few years have been a busy and dynamic time as well as being a time of significant change for our organisation. Because,

more than ever, changes in our external environment are presenting new challenges if we are to continue to meet the real and

ever changing needs of our clients.

Today, more than 1,200 Individual people contact one of our many range of Services looking for support and assistance. Many are

vulnerable, at the margins of society and in need of understanding and support to access their basic entitlements. As a result our staff

and our volunteer team work creatively within our framework of shared values and social goals.  We are aware of our shared aims and

vision and work collaborativly with external agencies to achieve these goals. However this can only be made possible by working with

the best and the brightest.


If you are interested in Volunteering or finding out more, please contact the below details to see how you can help us realise our ambitions

of getting equality for our clients.


Micheál Walsh

Director of Services


Number:       1890 200 709

Email:           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address:       ROP/SC,

                     National Healing & Training Centre,

                     15 Parnell Street,

                     Waterford City