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It what is an interesting and extremely unique form of Healing, a new Project and Program me is being developed.


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The First Annual

National Day of Reflection

21 June 2014



What Is It?

The National Day of Reflection is a day for us to reflect on the effects of abuse as individual and as a society. We need to step away from the shame and the blame that has and is pervading our society around abuse, preventing us from beginning the healing process. The National Day of Reflection provides a platform from which we can move forward and together begin to create a future with less abuse. 


When Is It?

The National Day of Reflection takes place on the 21st of June and will be an annual event.

We have chosen the longest day of the year as a symbol of the long-term effects of abuse and its enduring legacy. This day in June is also that day when the light wins over the darkness, a reminder that healing is possible and that the legacy can be changed.


What Is the Aim and the Objective?

The aim of the day is for all of us to take time to reflect on the effects of abuse as well as to acknowledge that we have all failed in some way in preventing abuse in its many forms. We need to ask ourselves, €œHow have I played a role in abuse? €œHow can we create a future with less abuse?€


The objective is to have the day replicated internationally -- wherever abuse has taken or is taking place.


Who Are We Hoping to Support?

Historically, figures have shown that: 

·  One in three people in Ireland have been abused.

·  Three out of four of us support people who have been abused.

·  60,000 people have been adopted.

·  160,000 children have gone through the industrial school systems.

·  An unknown number have been abused in their homes.

As you read this document, people of all ages and walks of life are being abused, and not very far away from where you are.


What Happens After the Day of Reflection?

We propose a coming together of all involved in order to shape the 2015 National Day of Reflection around the answer to the question. œHow can we create a future with less abuse?


What Are We Asking for on the Day?

·  We ask that you get involved by thinking about how we can make steps to free our communities and society of the legacy of abuse

·  By talking to your family and friends about healing and forgiveness

·  By just taking time out for yourself to œjust be a time to reflect

·  That you make a record of the National Day of Reflection through photographs, video and/or audio tapes, or by whatever means you feel is appropriate. We will then make these records a part of the  website so that future generations can witness how we began to reflect with empathy and compassion.


For Further Information and To Get Involved:

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