Michael Kinsella - a true Gem of Cork


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Many of you will be aware of a man who works in Right of Place Second Chance offices in Cork City known as Michael Kinsella.

Michael is both a staff member and a survivor and has a long history with the organisation. Anybody who knows him, knows he is nothing short of a complete gentleman who always has a smile and a welcoming attitude to anybody who passes through our doors. Most will be aware of Michaels true love - running..... but very few will be aware just how deep that passion is and just how much talent he has.

It is with great pleasure I was informed that he was the subject of a local piece to record just how successful he is as a runner and how little appreciaton and recognition he gets for his achievements. I remember many times sitting down with Michael, but like the unassuming guy he is, he never mentioned I was sitting with an absolute stalwart of running in Ireland for many decades.


Let me just give you an idea of the kind of gem we are lucky to call a colleague and one that all Survivors should feel proud of. In his illustious carrer Michael has won;

- 87 County Medals

- 54 Munster Medals

- 48 All Ireland Medals (FORTHY EIGHT!!!!)


Now we have always said that survivors have many hidden talents, that they never got the opportunity to fulfill or they never talk about - but that is something unbelievably special.

We wish Michael (who by the way is STILL running) the very best in everything he does in the future, and it is with a warm heart that he congratulate him on all his achievements. I think it is fair to say I wont be asking him to come for a jog with me the next time I want to get fit.

Kepp up the great work Michael - you are a credit.

For the full piece, please feel free to click here and read this truly remarkable story.