Christmas Dinner 2015




Its the most wonderful time of the yeeaaarrrrr !!

"An absolutly wonderful day and a reminder of why Christmas is so special " - Survivor


Christmas Dinner
Over Christmas we understand this can mean a happy time for a lot of people, but it can also be a difficult time for some. The memory of a lost loved one, a lonely time or feelings of isolation can exist.
After a request from a number of our clients we decided to put on a Christmas dinner for some after the success of a similar event in 2014. The unfortunate thing is that, we were again over subscribed and the meal was done with the intention of giving those most in need something back at Christmas time.
As a result, we had a sit down meal in our centre for 20 clients. and those who were on the list were given an explanation of the numbers we could only bring, but were happy in the knoweledge that they will get first refusal on the next outing/event.

It was a tremendous day for those that attended. There was a full dinner (tastefully provided by a local organisation ) spot prizes kindly donated, a sing song at the end ( rudolph the red nos...... ye you get it. over.and.over again :) and special prizes given to us for the Survivors to give to their kids/grandkids from the world renowned (and Waterford based) Hasbro Board games.

"So much fun." - Survivor

Christmas Dinner


At this point it would be impossible not to thank the many people who made the meal possible. So here are a few thank you's.......

- To Care of the Aged - thank you so much for the supply of a full dinner and desert (mmmm).
- To HASBRO thank you so much for the 15 Board games that were donated to give as presents.
- To the individuals who donated small amounts of money for spot prizes thank you....
- Equally to our staff who donated money from their own pocket to provide a present for every Survivor in attendance - your generosity really knows no bounds.

All in all a wonderful experience and one that those present will never forget!!

"What can you say, I mean it seems so small but it means so much. Thank you for everything!" - Survivor

"This has officially made my Christmas - thanks so much! Cant wait for next year" - Survivor