Preview of 2016 Supports



"On behalf of the state and all its citizens, the government wishes to make a sincere and long overdue apology to the victims of childhood abuse for our collective failure to intervene, to detect their pain, to come to their rescue...’all children need love and security’. Too many of our children were denied this love, care and security. Abuse ruined their childhoods and has been an ever present part of their adults lives reminding them of a time when they were helpless. I want to say to them that we believe they were gravely wronged, and that we must do all we can now to overcome the lasting effects of their ordeals"

- May 1999, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern


As is customary every year, we like to put up a brief and general information sheet on our plans for 2016.

We meet as a Staff team and with Survivors over the course of January to ascertain their views, but we are brimming with excitement for 2016 and the possibilities to change not only our lives, bu the lives of all Survivors in Ireland and beyond.

Sooooo 2015 was year on year again another busier year then 2014. We had more contacts, from more clients in more areas across Ireland (and the globe then ever before). In 2015 we even had a Survivor contact us for assistance who was living in Sweden. That brought its own challenges but one our team successfully navigated.

In saying all this and in delivering for the individuals who contact us we still believe their to be glaring deficienies and disadvantages in Survivors lives.

Representing over 35% of our National contacts was Housing, Welfare & Health. This ranged from Survivors who were homeless, to Survivors looking for a social housing. From application to disability Allowance to applications for entitlements Survivors were in need of to advocacy for Survivors on waiting lists.

Yet despite our many achievements in these areas, they remain the most challending for our Advocacy officers. The reasoning for this is complex, of course, and the existing crisis in Housing and health has its part to play, however the feedback from our Clients and our staff was simple. There is zero recognition and very little understanding as to the reasons Survivors need assistance in these basic rights and entitlements.

So as much as we have many success of which we are very proud, unless a profound change happens within these areas of Society - Survivors will continue to be disadvantaged.

As a result we have been working on our Research Project and our Strategic Plan document to use Survivors lived experiences and their voice to impart change on a national scale.

In 2016, we will be launching three main documents that will become a tool in our armoury to really effect change at a societal and national level. We will continue to focus on our individualised support structures but also focus on the National Advocacy plans that we have developed through 24 months of research & work.

These are exciting documents and we encourage all Survivors and those that support them to join in as a united voice that these research led ideals are key to truly changing Survivors lives and beginning a process of real recognition and real long term lasting care.

We believe it is simply not enough to recognise our former taoiseach's apology to Survivors "for the lasting effects...." we must act to deal with these lasting effects.

More information on these documents can be sourced, by clicking here