What is advocacy?


Advocacy is the act or process of supporting a cause or a proposal.

In our services this means that we can support you in making claims for your rights and entitlements. Many of the Survivors who access our services are either unaware of entitlements or due to a history of fear and mistrust of authority figures; simply do not apply for their basic rights and entitlements.

Our services have specially trained and skilled Adovacy/Outreach workers who can assist you in making any claim and attending any appointments with you and speaking on your behalf.

This is crucial to ensuring equal rights for Survivors of Institutional Abuse.

It is important to remember that your personal needs can be different to the next so we work with you to figure out what options and solutions are realistic and available to you.


How much does the Service Cost?

Right of Place Second Chance advocacy services are provided free of charge. We recognise that people have very different financial circumstances and we ask no Service User for payment.


How do I Apply & What happens


Due to the high demand for our services we can’t promise to start helping you straight away. If you call us, you will first speak to the receptionist who, at your discretion, will take contact information and basic details. Our receptionist will pass the information onto the advocacy team and we will aim to return your call within a minimum of 5 working days. During that call back, we can discuss your needs more in-depth and you can decide the next steps, including whether a meeting would be beneficial and work from there.


Please remember, as a client you call the shots. We are simply here to offer expert advise and information to help you reach and achieve your goal.






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