The Changing needs of survivors

It is ten years since the brutalities of abuse fi rst came to the attention of the public in any serious or believable way.

With the investigation and publication of the Ryan report all doubt about the nature, extent and sheer evil abuse inflicted on children in the care of state, religious, run institutions was removed.

Ten years have passed since then. Survivors are getting old and in need of assistance.

Right of Place Second Chance does not buy into the false argument that survivors did not handle their paltry redress wisely.

The fact is that some didn’t while the majority did handle their redress with caution and care.

Therefore, Right of Place Second Chance also make the case that – not only should the 110 million be handed over to survivors immediately, but that the 450 million which the church is being asked to hand over to the state as payment for the redress which has already been paid out – should in fact be used as a health/ welfare support aid - for survivors - to aid us in our ill health and support us and our dependents in our time of need.

So that we can live with dignity and die in peace.

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