Official Right of Place/SC Press Release on Magdalen Laundry Report

Official Press Release –

Right of Place Second Chance Response to Magdalene Laundry Report (as reported on RTÉ)


Right of Place Second Chance, an organisation that supports Survivors of Industrial School Abuse wish to express our disappointment at the Report published today. We stand firmly behind clients of ours who spent time in Magdalene Laundries and support the demands for a full apology and compensation for the Magdalene Survivors.


We believe the Report did not go far enough and the comparison between those who suffered in Industrial Schools was unfair to both Groups. This is a fundamental flaw as comparisons between personal suffering experienced by both groups is disrespectful to Magdalene Survivors and Re-traumatising to Survivors of Institutional Abuse.


This reflects poorly on the understanding of an on-going need for support for the most vulnerable Survivors in society.


We also wish to highlight the near 25% of Magdalene Women who were “Institutionalised” prior to their incarceration in Laundries, The state must remember their long term responsibility to both Magdalene Survivors and Survivors of Industrial Institutional Abuse.


We call on the Government to implement a programme that will support Survivors in Health, Welfare and Care for the remainder of their lives.


Michael Walsh,

National Chairperson,

Right of Place Second Chance



We want to remind Survivors of Institutional abuse that we are cognisant of the possibility this report has to re-ignite feelings within our clients and those who access our services. We want to ensure you that our offices and usual supports will be available tomorrow by calling or dropping into any of your local offices for support and information.


All at Right of Place Second Chance want to recognise the dedicated work of those who spoke and represented Survivors of Magdalen Laundries, many of whom we have met over the last 18 months and to encourage their ongoing work for long term supports for Survivors.

Supplementary to this, as advised we will be developing our strategy to present to the Government for long term supports to Survivors of Institutional Abuse and want to advise that at all steps in the process Survivor information, advise and encouragement will be included and requested.


It is important at this difficult time, should you need any support to contact us and our details for our regional offices are located by clicking here. (opens in a new window)

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