LAMH Healing Foundation - For Survivors

What is Lamh Healing Foundation? The Lamh Healing Foundation is an organisation set up to help survivors of institutional and clerical abuse. More correctly, it is an idea brought into reality by a fellow survivor to help any other survivor find their sense of peace and healing.

How is this achieved you may ask? The Lamh healing foundation is a three bed roomed centre nestling in the beautiful countryside of west Cork. It a lovely oasis, away from the trials and tribulations of the everyday grind of paying bills conflict and stress. It demands nothing from you and it imposes nothing on you. It offers the survivor quietness. It also enables the survivor to reflect on what is important in his or her life.

Are you now beginning to ask the question; what is the catch? There is none! The idea is based on trust, goodwill and hospitality. Trust and goodwill is in some ways an indefinable quality. You can use all the words in the dictionary and you still would not be able to adequately define it. It is something that exists between people and is expressed sometimes as a smile, a hug or a handshake, but you know what.

The special something behind these gestures determines the good nature of that gesture. This is at the centre of the healing of the Lamh foundation for you. In other words, experience the hospitality and focus on yourself in a stress free environment. Go there; it is for you and indeed your family. The cost of an evening meal, tea and biscuits all day, an overnight, breakfast fit for a king or queen was ... well nothing! There is no demand on you for money.

Therefore, I discretely left twenty-five euro as an act of goodwill on my part when I left. If I could have afforded more I would have given more, if I had less to give then that would have been OK too.

Dave Dineen is the person who brought this idea into life and he is a survivor himself who some would say is foolish, even mad but if you would like to experience this beautiful happy place then he can be contacted on 028 34809 It is highly recommended.

Just one more thing, as far as I am aware this centre is not funded by any religious order, nor does it receive any state funding.

A group of volunteers who give their time and professional services free runs the centre! So a big thank to Melisa who looks after guests when they arrive there, to Jenny, to John and his family for all the kindness that is shown there. Moreover, to all the volunteers there - thanks!

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