What is an Outreach Service?


Outreach is an activity of providing services to Survivors who might not otherwise have access to these services.


Within our Services we recognise the often severe disadvantage and isolation many Survivors suffer from. As a result and to ensure that all Survivors have access to Services and entitlements we offer an Outreach Service to them. This means that one of our trained, expert and garda vetted members of the team can visit you in your home or a convinient location to discuss a range of supports that are available to you.


Who can apply for this service?

This Service is open to Survivors of Institutional abuse aswell as their family members. We particularly offer this service to;


  • Are isolated in their local community
  • Suffer from a disability
  • Who may not be in a position to travel to their regional Centre
  • Live/reside in residential settings or Prisons 


However if you call the National Helpline we can asses your need and review if you would benefit most from this service.


Where do we offer this service?

This service is offered to clients living within one of the designated regions as supported by either our Regional Offices or our Partner offices in Ireland


What is the Cost?

There is no cost associated with this service to our clients.


How do I apply?

The simpliest and quickest way to availing of this service is by contacting your Regional Office or the National helpline. One of our receptionists will assist you and inform you of the next steps and potentially the available dates.

Contact details can be found here