Housing Supports


Understanding that many Survivors left Ireland after their time in one of Irelands Industrial & Reformatory School's, we have some Transtional Apartment Units available for Survivors. We are also aware that some Survivors eventually reach a stage where they wish to return home, being empowered enough to be able to cope with their past.

As a result of this we offer temporary accomodation and expert advise and assistance in accessing all your entitlements when you return.

These units are specfically Transitional to house Survivors returning from abroad or those at risk of homelesness.


Can I apply

As a member of the Cork City Homeless forum we offer the units to certain individuals whilst ensuring Survivors & their family members have a priority of access at all times

There is also an assesment carried out with you, should you become eligable to ensure the Apartment complex is suitable for your specific and personal needs.


Will I get a place?

There is currently and generally a waiting list for our 10 Apartments and as a Survivor of Institutional Abuse or a family member you will be given priority on our Housing Application List but the timeframe cannot be guaranteed.

The reason for this is that whilst a tenant is in the Apartment complex we try and source permanent accomodation for them. This process of sourcing accomodation and the timeframce can differ based on the individuals need so how long before you may be offered accomodation may differ.

Again, we do offer an Advocacy Service where can source and try and gain housing for you if you feel you cannot wait any longer.

This service can be found by clicking here.


Where is this service available?

At this point, specific ROP/SC Units are only available in Cork City, of which there is 10 Apartments.


Who do I contact?

Our Director of Finance & administration is in charge of this complex and can be contacted on:

Name: Edel Desmond


Address: 100-101,

               Lower Glanmire Road,

               Cork City


Tel:          1890 200 709