Drop-In Service

Drop-In Service


What is a Drop-In Service?

Our Drop-In service is our way of offering Survivors a warm, caring and welcoming invitation to access supports. Our Drop In Service is accessed by over 600 individual Survivors a year so the chances of you coming in and having an opportunity to sit down over a cup of tea with a fellow Survivor are quite high.


Why do we run this Service?

There is numerous reasons why we offer this service and it has proved to be a crucial aspect of our services, some of the reasons include;

  • Survivors told us they needed a safe place to go
  • A commitment to ensuring Survivors had a place to call their own
  • To connect, advise and provide information to Survivors in their local region
  • To give Survivors an identity
  • To enable us to run in house Programmes and Survivor tailoured training & education classes
  • To afford those Survivors socially isolated a place where they didnt have to explain their past


What is the Cost of accessing this service?

There is no cost associated with accessing this service. It is free of charge.

The only cost is that you may enter this service a stranger, but you will leave as a friend.


Where is it available?

Currently at the moment this service is only available in Waterford City and through a partner organisation in Dublin City Centre.

We would always encourage you to contact the Drop-In Service before attending as sometimes there may be training on that would leave the Centre(s) unavailable for short periods of time. However if this is not possible, please just Drop-In - there is no need for you to access any of the specific supports your first time in the Centre but come in and feel the welcoming and understanding Centre.


How and where do I contact?

For more information on where these are and opening times,

Please click here