Future Supports

Right of Place Second Chance - our commitment to the future

We at Right of Place Second Chance are a constantly evolving organisation.

From our humble beginnings in 1999 when a group of individuals came together to talk about their experiences for the very first time, to the near 10 year campaign for recognition for the sufferings caused and experienced. Our organisation has been at the forefront in the fight for Survivors Rights.

When the New Board and re-evaluation of the organisation occurred in 2011, we maintained a need to shift focus to ensure our policies, procedures and practices were in line with Best Standards. Having largely achieved this aim, our need to further strengthen and grow the organisation was evident.

For years decisions were being made about Survivors, for Survivors; withouth much of their input - and we reocgnised this.

As a result we gained funding from the St. Stephens Green Trust Fund to ensure our organisation went through a process of being proactive, of looking towards the future and beginning to really impart and effect change on Survivors lives into the future.

Born as a result of this need to grow, develop and use our considerable expertise the following three documents were created to create a clear pathway forward.

These will all be launched in 2016.


Important Voices

Research Document


After the Spotlight

After the Spotlight document

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2016-2019