Information for Magdalene Laundry Survivors Compensation/Support Package


What does it Mean?


As of yet the final details of any compensation/support package are yet to be announced. So it is important you are aware of this. The Government are cognisant of the difficulties created by the adverserial Residential Institutions Redress Scheme and they are eager for this not to occur again. As such Judge John Quirke has been tasked with forming a view and creating a fair and just compensation package. To this degree the Terms of Reference have already been agreed. Which you can view by clicking here


Who is Judge John Quirke

Judge Quirke is president of the Law Reform Commission and a highly thought of an well regarded Judge within the judicial system in Ireland. He is tasked with completing the Terms of Reference within three months which will afford Survivors of Magdelene Laundries access to compensation and any support packages that may be made available.


I hear there has been Money already handed over

The Government is to hand over €250,000 to the UK based support Group Step by Step who are tasked with ensuring Survivors receive Counselling and Support Services. This is and does not form part of the final compensation package but is being provided for Support to UK Survivors of Magdalene Laundries. No such scheme/support has been announced for Ireland presently, however as always our Offices and Support Structures will remain open and you can contact us by clicking here for our details.


If I am a Survivor of Magdalene Laundries how do I make my myself known for support

This aspect is crucial in ensuring you are aware, kept informed and have your say into how future supports are to be shaped.

It is therefore important to note, you are asked to register your details with the Department of Justice and Equality. You are asked to write into:

Magdalene Laundry Fund,

C/O Department of justice and Equality,

Montague Court,

Montague Street,

Dublin 2.


Knowing the difficulties this may cause and the possibility to affect you when writing in, it is important to be aware of our Office Structure. Should you need any assistance in writing the letter, before, during or after please call into one of our offices. We offer free Counselling, support in access to Housing/Welfare/Education, we also offer an Outreach Service should you need us to come to you and an advocacy service should you want or need anyone to write or speak on your behalf. Any additional information or supports needed please feel free to phone any of your local offices or drop into any of your local offices.

Finally once again we would like to congratulate the real drivers and Advocacy groups who have fought so hard for the historic day that we witnessed last night. To Justuce for Magdalenes, Magdalene Survivors Together and to the Irish Women Survivors Support Network and the countless individuals who told their story, we say well done, for your hard work and dedication in the face of the most severe adversity!


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