Micheál Walsh on Deise AM Radio re: Magdalene Laundries and Opening of New Offices



Recently our Outreach Manager for the Waterford and Eastern Region was asked to come onto, Waterfords Most listened to Radio Show, Deise AM with Billy McCarthy to discuss the recent publication of the Magdalene Laundries Report.

In this Interview Micheál Discussed the Report further and again re-iterated the importance to recognise the possibility the report had to re-traumatise Survivors of Institutional Abuse.

In the Second Part of the Interview, Micheál went on to discuss the opening of the New Drop In and Educational Centre for Right of Place Second Chance that has been two years in the development and looked to appeal for support from the public of Waterford.

It is important to note the support that has been generated from the public and the assistance that was offered as soon as the radio interview was complete. We are particularly grateful to the lady from Waterford City who called 5 minutes after the Interview and has aided us in getting much of the Office furniture that was/is needed.

Whilst she did not want to be named, our Heartfelt thanks to her and to the other individual's who called and offered what they could and who had heard of the work that we were doing and were only to eager to offer their assistance.


The interview can be listened to here:

Please note interview is

  1. DEISE AM - Thursday 21st of February
  2. Second Part to Listen to and begins on 25 minutes.

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