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To all Survivors,


The Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board have established their own website, which will, into the future, contain much information about it's workings and development.


Currently on the site is a copy of the Press Release that was issued when the Board was established and it is hoped that as the official workings and information becomes more developed this will be put up. Any useful/important information that is shared, will also be put up on this site. If you need any assistance or further information, as always please feel free to contact us.


Additionally to this, I hope you understand that as the Board have only had the occasion to meet once since their appointments, it will be some time before more concrete information is put up.

*****Whilst the Contact details have been agreed & Website, the exact nature of their supports, how to apply etc have not yet been established. ******


As such any application that you may send to the address and details will not be accepted as applications to the New Fund.

It is envisaged the application process etc will take a number of months to be established & agreed, which is understandable considering the importance of the Fund, so please be conscious of this. However;


To view the website, please click here.


Alternatively the New website address is:

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