Hear from a Volunteer. ROP/SC Newest Volunteer has her say!


 Margaret Coyne




Name: Margaret Coyne

DOB: 23/07/1956

Survivor: Yes









Margaret Coyne, is the newest Volunteer to offer her services to Right of Place Second Chance, so you may begin to hear a lot more from her when you call our centre.

Margaret has quickly established herself as an integral part of the team, often working a full time week whilst receiving no pay or expenses at all. So considering she is doing this, we decided to ask her....what motivates her, why offer her services to us and what is it that draws her to Right of Place Second Chance.


Hi Margaret, Lets begin by asking you, how did you hear about Right of Place Second Chance

"Well I originally heard about Right of Place Second Chance from a friend about a year ago. At the time I was living in the UK and was contemplating, should I move back to Ireland or not. A friend of mine who had received great help from ROPSC said to give you a call, that you could help me."


Sorry to put you on the spot, but did you get help?


Margaret Coyne 2

I most certainly did. My first point of contact was to call the ROPSC offices to see what they could do. Luckily for me, Im a Waterford Woman so there was a Waterford Office. I got through to you and you guided me through all the process. I felt safe, immediately after getting off the phone because  I knew that whatever decision   I made, there was no pressure on me, there was no commitment, but that I would have the support whatever decision I made."




This may seem silly, because you are here now....but what did you decide?

"I decided I was going to make the journey and move to Ireland. I felt happy knowing that everything had been set up for me to make the move back to Waterford and back home. After so many years away, it was nice to know that when I got home......that for the first time I would actually have support in Ireland, so I made the leap to move from London."



It's a big step, how have you found it?

" I cant say how happy that I am to be back home. To be happy back in the country of my birth, that maybe I had given up on for some time. I was happy to move back, knowing I had your support, knowing I had a Centre I could go too, where I didnt have to explain, where people knew who I was and where I was from. To be truthful, it's mainly family and your offices that made me take that step"


So how would you describe your experiences of our Services, and you can be honest

"Honestly, I couldn't and still can't thank Right of Place enough. I found your services to be, prompt, professional, understanding beyond comparison and gave me the courage to make the step I had thought so long about. You were all so caring and understanding in many ways. Even when I arrived, we know the difficulties I faced and again, you were there to help me."


So why then did you decide to Volunteer with us?

"To me it was very simple, because of the experiences, the benefit I got from your services, I thought what better way to repay you then to volunteer for you and make sure others got the opportunity I got. Besides it's in my nature.... If I didnt get help when I was younger, I'd like to give it now."


So now that your toes are wet, how do you find volunteering with us?

"I have worked in many areas in life. Childminding, working in a bookies, offices, charities etc, but nothing compares to what we do here. I would describe it as;

  • Busy.....Extremely busy. There is so many who need help, who look for it and no minute is spent twiddling thumbs
  • Very interesting. You help people with such diversity that no two clients, let alone days, is the same
  • Challenging, very challenging. There is so much anger, disappointment, confusion and misunderstandings in this whole area that it can often prove to be challenging.....but lets have it noted - I love a challenge, in every sense
  • I love the idea of being able to relate directly to people who come in, or who call. I feel a deep connection with them, without it ever having to be spoken.
  • Professional. As professional as any job or area I have ever worked in. You'd know that you are working for a charity that cares, that pushes itself to its limits and that tries to be the best. The mixture of Survivors, Dependents and Professionals means it is run as it should be and Im proud to be a part of it."


Margaret Coyne 3


Any thing else you would like to add?

"No. Other then to thank you once again, for helping me originally and now for giving me the opportunity to repay that help to the hundreds of others that contact us each month.

Right of Place not only helped me, immeasurably, but offered me an opportunity to enhance my skills and to pay back to fellow Survivors. Their value can not be overstated. I would suggest to anyone looking for help, to come, talk to us, its all confidential and its very effective help. Please call and ask for help. It can be the first step on a journey that leaves you in a better place."



That was Margaret Coyne our Newest Volunteer. If you are interested in Volunteering, please click here for more information on how to apply.