PRESS RELEASE - Terms of Reference for Review of Caranua

PRESS RELEASE: 07th March 2017             

Terms of Reference for; Caranua – Review of Eligibility

Right of Place Second Chance calls on the Minister of Education, Richard Bruton T.D to widen the Terms of Reference to review the effectiveness and operation of Caranua, alongside the review of Eligibility .

Right of Place Second Chance (ROP/SC) today submitted a comprehensive briefing to inform the terms of reference for Caranua – Review of Eligibility. Right of Place Second Chance in consultation with its Services Users, Staff and Board of Directors criticizes the inexcusable delay of nearly two years from when this review was originally proposed to take place. ROP/SC now request that the review be widened to include aspects of the operation of the fund itself, into five distinct fields of review;

          i.            Timeline for the findings of the review.

        ii.            Identify any underspend and review the inclusion of Dependents and those who were in an institution but never received redress.

       iii.            Review waiting times of applicants in receiving support from Caranua.

       iv.            Review the reason & right to introduce a cap on services for applicants.

         v.            Review the work being done in preparation for the closure of Caranua.

Right of Place Second Chance believe that all these areas above should be examined by the review. Speaking today, Director of Services of ROP/SC Micheál Walsh said “The near two year wait for the drafting of these Terms of Reference was wholly unacceptable and whilst we welcome its development now, it is timely that a review into the operation of the fund is also carried out, alongside the issue of eligibility”  He also added “Survivors are an aging population and with €56 million of the proposed €110 million expended to this point, time is something that is not in plentiful supply. In order to fully ensure the fund continues to have long lasting impact on Survivors the issues of its processes and preparation for its closure needs to be addressed. Creating enhanced services for vulnerable people with no identifiable plan when these enhanced services cease is potentially dangerous and certainly counterproductive.”

The Terms of Reference are a critical element of the review to ensure its scope is wide enough to affect real improvements in Caranua. This review needs to be robust, comprehensive and based on the lived experiences of applicants to ensure the fund completes its task of enriching and enhancing Survivors lives both now and into the future. It needs to be the basis on which to review and potentially amend the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act (2012)


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Right of Place Second Chance:

Micheál Walsh (Director of Services) 1890 200 709, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ROP/SC Submission to the Terms of Reference: (opens in a new window)

ROP/SC Further explanation on each of the areas we have requested be reviewed.

Please click here to see more detailed reasoning.

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