March 2017 Newsletter

So, our Newsletter was finally released again after much requests for it and boy did it deliver.

Over 250 delivered, 450 Viewed on our Facebook and 16 calls regarding the Newsletter into our offices in less than 24 hours it’s fair to say, it made a very positive impact.

The main talking point seems to be the opinion piece towards the bottom of the Newsletter where we discuss the idea of enhanced medical care and the review of Caranua with extremely supportive phonecalls and messages regarding it.

So much so that we have created a separate news article about it on its own.

Don’t know what we are talking about, well click here to view for yourself and be sure to check out the bottom option.

I would urge anybody looking to receive ongoing Newsletters to return to the Home Page on Right of Place and make sure you include your email address on the bottom right of the page “Newsletter Sign up”

Newsletter March 2017 – Click here (opens in a new window)

Read the opinion piece – Click here (opens in a new window)