Cork - Always Improving, Always Moving


All we neeeeeeddddd is a little help from our friends


Getting Ready                                                     Volunteers and Staff of ROP/SC ready for the day.

A massive THANK YOU to everybody involved with Serve the City who came into our offices & Apartments in Lower Glanmire Road in Cork City to give the place a spruce up and a good coat of paint.

The Volunteers who took part in helping us, some 13 in the morning and ANOTHER 12 in the afternoon, deserve a huge amount of credit for helping us strive to continue to create a warm and welcoming environment for those who access our services and those who live in one of our Transitional Apartments.




















Painting one of the Apartments                                                                                                                                  Having a sneaky cuppa' (well deserved)

It truly is amazing to see how people give their time so generously, a commodity that is so precious, to help others and to help a worthy cause.

Considering we have 10 Apartments, four offices, a Board Room, three hallways, three floors of staircases, a Reception area and a kitchen it really is hard work but one that the Volunteers at Serve the City enjoyed and done an amazing job on.

So, once again a big THANK YOU to all at Serve the City, to our staff who are volunteering their time to help out and we hope you like the new paint job whenever you should visit in the future.

We are hoping to secure some more improvements on the complex over the coming months and years in an effort to make it the best possible Centre for Survivors in Ireland.

It just goes to show that sometimes, we just need a little help from our friends.

Finished Painting                                                   Clearly not afraid of hard work and doing a tremendous job