What is Caranua?

Caranua is the new service name of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund established in 2013, to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of Survivors of the Irish institutional care system. It is an independent state body and aims to get Survivors access to the services they require to enhance their health and wellbeing. The Caranua fund comes from religious congregations who have committed €110 million for Survivors.

Who can apply?

Only Irish Survivors who have previously received compensation through the redress process, through the courts or as a settlement are eligible for support from the fund.

What does Caranua support Survivors with?

Applications can be made to receive financial support, but the support has to be approved by Caranua. The fund supports Survivors in the following areas:

⦁ Health and Wellbeing - Funding can support Survivors with their physical and mental health through improving access and take-up of services, including: assessments, activities, related services and treatment, although you must approach the HSE first to see if they can provide these services.

⦁ Housing Support – Survivors can apply for financial support to ensure their homes are safe, warm and secure, and funding can be given for personal care and support services, home improvements and minor repairs.

⦁ Education, Learning and Development – Caranua aims to encourage participation in further education, skills development and social development courses, and support includes: help with course fees and service charges in formal and informal education and a special education access grant to contribute towards the costs of participating in education for items such as books, education support and travel.

For all applications, providers of services must be approved. For a more thorough explanation of what Caranua will and will not cover, please download their comprehensive guide by clicking this link.

Are there things that Caranua will not cover?

Caranua will only provide financial support for services that are not readily available to you from public bodies. Caranua adds to services that are already available, and does not replace them. For example, Caranua would not fund a Survivor to receive health care that the HSE already covers. However, if there’s any additional treatments you may need to pay for that the HSE does not cover, you can apply for financial support.

Caranua will also not pay for services, activities or courses that:
⦁ Have already been completed before you apply to Caranua;
⦁ Are provided by bodies that are not qualified and accredited;
⦁ Are ongoing expenses such as rent or mortgages – or arrears of these;
⦁ Have not been recommended by a professional like a doctor, dentist or therapist where this is required.

In cases of extreme hardship and other exceptional circumstances Caranua’s criteria may be set aside.

How can Survivors apply?

The application process is in two parts. The first part is to confirm that the applicant is eligible to apply and you can complete this by either:

⦁ Calling us directly to receive our support with applying;
⦁ Filling in an Application Form online;
⦁ Calling Caranua to be sent a hard copy: 1800 212477 from Ireland, 0808 234 1303 from the United Kingdom and +353 1 8742277 from outside Ireland and the UK;

The second stage of the application process is applying for services. Once Caranua has confirmed that you are eligible, Caranua will contact you or the person you have nominated to act on your behalf to discuss your needs and the next steps. Hopefully you will get the Part 2 application form sent to you (or your nominated person) within 4 weeks of sending off Part 1.

Before you make an application for services, you will be appointed an Application Advisor who will talk directly to you or to the person you nominate to support you with your application about what services you can apply for. They can also provide help and support with applications, should you need it.

What happens after the application is sent?

Once your Part 2 application has been sent off, Caranua will acknowledge receipt of your application within five working days. Your assigned Application Advisor will assess your application and then a Deciding Officer will make decision on your application and inform you (or your nominated person) in writing of their decision.

Caranua also have an appeals procedure for applications that are unsuccessful.

Can Right of Place Second Chance help you apply to Caranua?

Right of Place Second Chance is committed to supporting Survivors across Ireland with their applications to Caranua, and this can be done in person or over the telephone. We will need to get Survivors to sign an authority form if they would like us to apply and act on their behalf. We can give expert advise on how and what to apply for, but will onky become nominated contacted in extreme circumstances.

We see our role as being a silent partner assisting you in any part of the application process or appeals process that you may have a difficulty with, but ultimately the relationship works best between you and Caranua directly.


Have we helped anybody at this point?

We work closly with Caranua and maintain regular contact with Senior members of staff to identify any issues within their service or any improvements we can offer based on feedback from our clients. Caranua are open to constant improvement so are receptive to our input.

We have worked with over 300 Individuals directly from an initial needs assesment right through to full application and roughly 1,500 other individuals at various parts of their applications giving advise and information and encouraging them to contact Caranua to work through their applications directly.


I need your help, or more information

It is important to note that this fund will not be around forever so we would encourage you to apply and gain assistance as soon as possible. It starts by contacting us directly to find out more information and depending on your need we can work with you from there.

Our contact details can be found by clicking here.