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Right of Place Second Chance (ROP/SC) is the countries largest and most contacted organisation that supports Survivors of Institutional Abuse in Ireland.
ROP/SC has provded specialist support to Survivors in varying capcities since 1999 and has a staff team with a combined experience in this field of over 40 Years.
We are contacted more often, by more service users then any other charity in Ireland that supports Survivors of Institutional Abuse in Ireland and across its disapora.
It is with this in mind that our services and support structures are specifically tailoured to meet the needs of Survivors, in an understanding, compassionate and confidential manner making use of Survivors lived experiences to empower them as individuals to reach their full potential.
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You have made me believe that help actually exists. That I can come in, have a cup of tea and get help from you means a lot. I may not always need you, but it is so good to know that you are there.”



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“It’s simple really. People will never understand the pain we suffered. They will never care what happened to us, or our families. Right of Place do. They know me and they are the ones who can help me. It takes a certain type of person to understand a Survivor”