At Right of Place Second Chance, we wouldn’t be able to offer such a broad and extensive range of services to Survivors without the kind and generous support of volunteers, funders, like-minded organisations and donors.

Motivated by the belief that Survivors deserve justice and the brightest possible futures, many important people have ensured that ROP/SC can carry out the great work that it does today.

We want to be able to continue to support Survivors and their families, so that the past can be rectified and life chances can be improved. However, we cannot do that without ongoing public, political and financial support. It is only through the generous donations of time, talent and funding that our impact is made possible.

We have an extensive track record in gaining funding and managing this to a high standard with life changing results for some of our countires most vulnerable citizens.


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We are grateful to our previous funding partners (Department of Education & The St. Stephens Green Trust Fund) and remain extremely grateful to our long term funding Partner the HSE.

Through their National Funding we are able to provide our services and we have a long and proud relationship with them.