Institutional History

Timeline of Survivors

Contained within this section of the website is a general overview of the Industrial and Reformatory Schools in Ireland.

Here dates are laid out which show some key timelines between 1849 - 2002 and will help to show the devestating legacy of Institutional Abuse and how the "schools" become prominent in Irish Society. This was at a time when our nearest neighbour, the UK was closing / reforming their institutional school system.

It also shows that despite several incidences being reporting of physical, sexual and psychological abuse and numerous reports into the conditions our State failed to act on the information it was either being provided with or actually investigations they were carrying out.

We would remind any Survivor looking at this information to do so with caution as it can be distressing reading.

Should you view it and need any support, then please click here to contact us directly.

For Professionals, it is a useful timeline in understanding why this problem has lived with Survivors and why the state and religious failed in their responsibility to care for Ireland's children.


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